69. Il video “Senza Parole”

Nel frattempo qui a New York ho finito di mettere online il video Senza Parole che ho ‘ritirato’ dalla Biennale di Torino (v. post) e mandato la newsletter (dovevo farlo prima di partire ma non ce l’ho fatta, e poi nessuno mi correva dietro d’altronde … ).






The video comes from LIUBA performance at the entrance of the Italian Pavillion at Venice Biennial 2011.


The Italian Pavillion 2011 was very controversial and discussed. The curator, active more in the Politics than in the Contemporary Art, asked to 100 of Italian ‘known’ people to invite their one best loved artist to the Venice Biennial Italian Pavillion. The result was a show with no curatorial logic and full of any kind of works and styles.
Many of the Italian Art-World people criticized this Pavillion. LIUBA expressed her disagreement in an ironic way, distributing flyers at the entrance of the show, as giving the explication of the exhibition. Except that the flyers were white, blank. Empty.


Interesting, as usual in LIUBA’s works, people reactions: many react automatically when receiving a flyer, many don’t want it, many other take it without reading, some were thinking Liuba was a Biennial Hostess and asked practical informations, and many people perceived and enjoyed the performance as well.

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