LIUBA is specialized on the following workshops, which she held in different places and contexts.

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Performance Art Workshop based on performance, multimedia and wellness,  on the pursuit of inner creativity and personal well-being, led by  LIUBA


Wishing to spend some time in Italy on the beautiful beaches and landscape of Rimini and Romagna? Are you visiting our country and looking for a cool idea? Are you an artist or a performance artist wishing to improve and test your skills? Join us! The workshop aims to stimulate people to a knowledge of themselves and of their creative potential through the use of body and performance art, interacting with others and the environment. We will work in groups and individually. Each participant will be personally assisted and helped to discover either what he wants to communicate and the best way to express it, researching the proper languages ​​to create his/her own performance art piece. All performances conceived and created during the course will be represented publicly on Sunday afternoon.






The course is divided into three intersecting themes:

Body: concentration techniques, breathing techniques, body awareness, posture and movements, performative exploration of the possibilities of the body.


Psyche: self-discovery through multimedia techniques as dance, music,colors, words, identification of creative needs, research of own personal language and themes.


Performance: definition of performance art and multimedia art, brief historical performance art excursus, identification and development of an individual performative theme;  the creation of personal performance: research of languages, media and materials, work preparation, elements of interactivity, final exhibition


We will work with breath, music, color, dance, performance, words, installation and space to discover our deep direction, our value and our uniqueness. Performance art is open to all languages and leads us into our truest and most unexplored territories, where we can draw great energy, great wealth and great ability.The workshop takes place from Friday afternoon to Sunday night, and we will work on the terrace of Liupirogi & Pagiopa, at sunset on the beach of Viserba and at Rimini harbour and pier.




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The importance of Beauty by LIUBA

Workshop about visual grammar, image decoding, Contemporary Art.


What is Art? How to read an image? Which ‘laws’ have colors, lines, perspective, materials? What are space and light? What is the visual language grammar? What are the most important artistic movements of our contemporary times and how to read them?


With an approach based on deepening curiosity and fun, we will use of tools such as art history, visual grammar, semiotics of images, psychology of perception. We will try to answer questions, have fun and open our horizons to get closer to Art and to be able to decode contemporary art.


The workshop is structured in 4 meetings, two of them dedicated to learn how to ‘read’ visual images and to semiotics/psicology of art; the last two are committed to Contemporary Art, trying to define a line of development of Art, artists and movements from Avant-guarde till our days.

All the meetings are supported by projections of images and videos.



Pictures from the performnce workshops in Liupirogi e Pagiopa (Rimini) and Geart (Tolè, Bologna)