I am an Italian multi-disciplinary performance artist who began painting, writing and dancing as a little girl, full of curiosity and creativity.


Later on I studied Semiotics of Art  with Umberto Eco and Omar Calabrese at Bologna University. My background in semiotics is very important for my practice. I also drew much inspiration from my uncle Elio Pagliarani, a famous Italian poet. His rare but crucial suggestions and his performing attitude were decisive for my art.



I began working with performance art in 1992, as a way of combining different mediums of my creativity, such as painting, poetry and fairy tales which I was practicing before.

Performance art became my best loved way to express my concepts, and mixed media performances my identity.


During my early artistic career I made my living via performance workshops and street art theater, performing my fairy tales written for adults and kids. During those years, I developed a performative practice which enabled me to be more confident in front of any kind of public and in any kind of street and space. I became comfortable addressing the viewer using the public space as my platform.


In 1999, my artistic research took a definitive turn: I decided that I was most interested in performing outside of the walls of art galleries and institutions. Bringing art into the realm of public life, I moved my practice to the streets where the opportunity of interacting with various types people became a part of the work. Consequently, I began my so called urban interactive performances which introduced video as an artwork, collecting together live performance, interactions with people as well as capturing the identities of the site-specific places.

In my thirty years of artistic practice I have performed everywhere, trying to investigate human contradictions, social problems, everyday life situations, and art world mechanisms.


In the last years I am very concentrated on participatory, collective, site-specific projects,  with the involvement of the public. I devoted most of my time investigating issues that are crucial for our society, as in my ongoing projects, which have explored spirituality and religions, silence and slowness, and the issues about refugees as my favourites themes, which are explored with a social and anthropological approach.


I enjoy writing and I have published in the 90′ three fairy tale books for adults and children using my own illustrations. I continue on occasion to write for various publications about Art and I run two blogs; the one as an artist diary in this website, and the other as a specific project’s blog: (


I am specialized in semiotics of art, image theory and visual grammar. I  run creative workshops focused on personal well-being through art and had extensive experience giving courses, workshops and teaching art to students of different ages.


I am a great traveler and appreciates living in different parts of the world researching and developing site specific projects with a focus on the human experience. However, I love going back to Italy, especially to my beloved family native land, Romagna, and my city, Milan.


I became a mum late in life, and this is the most beautiful gift that life has given to me and for which I am grateful every day.



LIUBA is an italian artist working with performance art, videoart, site-specific and participative projects, photography and installations. She lives now in Milan and Rimini, her two own cities. She had been living in Bologna, New York and Berlin.


Her art work is concerned with social, anthropological, geographical, philosophical issues, human behavior, interactivity and chance. Her practice consists of site specific actions that burst provocatively into daily life, of videoworks that assemble the performance, the reactions of people and the identities of the involved places, and of photographies compositions, objects and installations derived from the performances. Her research is based on the analysis of contemporary society, investigating contradictions and problems of the social system and of the art system.


Her work has been presented in museums, festivals and galleries nationally and internationally, including Artissima Art Fair (Torino); PAC Pavilion (Milan), WeissPollack Galleries (NewYork), Galerie Parisud (Paris) Arte Fiera (Bologna), Scope (New York), Scope (London), Kreuzberg Pavillon (Berlin), Séquence (Quebec, Canada); Grace Exhibition Space (Brooklyn, New York); Image Movement (Berlin).



I am a performance artist and video artist and I use different media in my work. My practice deals with sociology, anthropology, geography, philosophy, spiritual issues and human behaviour, interactivity and chance. My research is based on the analysis of the contemporary society I live in and of the art world I participate in. I explore the contradictions and social problems of daily life, while always trying to maintain a sincere and ironic approach.


In my practice, I am interested in open-structure performances brought into the everyday public life and in the interaction with people, space, time and the opportunity of chance and spontaneity. In the last years my attention is always more focused on participatory projects and I am often working on group performances, inviting people to participate actively in the work.


My work is composed of projects that involve several processes and in which are implemented diverse skills and media; 1) Concept, 2) Research, 3) Preparation of the performance (outfit and object research, urban research and location choice, selection of technical staff, psycho-physical training, 4) the performance itself, 5) editing and direction of the video, 6) selection and exhibition of photos, videostills, video and videoinstallation..


I love the connection between the live performance experience and the video post-production. They are the ‘two sides of the coin in my work. In my performances I don’t use prearranged sets nor actors. I prepare the project and myself in every detail, but when I launch into everyday life to perform it then it causes reactions and interactions that I don’t control and that become part of the work too. What you see in my videos truly happened. I am interested in art going into life. My main interest is life.

Interview to LIUBA by Egle Prati from:





1989   MFA Semiotics of Art (cum laude), Bologna University (I)

1984-89   BA Fine Arts Academy, Bologna

1990   Teacher Certification in Art History

1991  Master in Animation and Film, Bologna Cineteque (I)




2022 Performa24: Virus and Peacedots, participative performance, Milan (I)

2022 Rimini City Center, Rimini Abbraccia, participative performance, Rimini (I)

2020 Corpi sul Palco, Quarantine Trilogy, performance live on web (I)

2019 Fondazione Pascali, solo show and participative performances, Polignano a Mare, BA, (I)

2018 Galerie Pascal Vanhoecke, solo show and video screening, Paris (F)

2018 Art Paris, The Finger and the Moon #6, performance, Grand Palais, Paris (F)

2018 Chippendale Studio, solo show and videoscreening, Milan (I)

2017 Galleria Marconi, Guardando oltre, solo show and participative performance, Cupra Marittima (I)

2016   Arte Fiera, With No Time, participative performance, Bologna (I)

2015   12th International Performance Art Festival, With No Time, participative performance, Monza (I)

2015   Centrale Fotografia, In Italia, The Slowly Project, curated by Luca Panaro, Fano (I)
2015   Arte Fiera Bologna, Questa non è una performance, Bologna (I)
2014   Oranienplatz, YOU’RE OUT, collective performance, Berlin (D)
2014   Kreuzberg Pavillion, Refugees Welcome, site-specific and collective performance, Berlin (D)
2013   Kreuzberg Pavillon, Refugees Welcome, site-specific and collective performance, Berlin (D)
2013   Flash Art Event, solo show and collective performance, Milan (I)
2012   S. Agostino Museum, The Finger and the Moon #3 collective performance, Genoa (I)
2012   Grace Exhibition Space, The Food Project. Performance 1, Brooklyn (US)
2012   Corpi Scomodi, The Slowly Project. Group Performance #1, group performance +workshop, Cantu (CO)
2011    YES FOUNDATION STICHTING JA, Skype performance live c/o, Den Bosch, (NL)
2011    54 Venice Biennial, Senza parole, performance, Venice (I)
2011    Art Basel Miami Beach, The invisible web of the art system, Miami (US)
2011    BLO Atelier, Hunger International Performance Festival, Berlin (D)
2011    Bremer Kunstfrühling, Jericho in Bremen, at Performance Festival, Bremen (D)
2011    NABA for MIArt, The invisible web of Italian art system, Milan (I)
2011    Grace Exhibition Space, Site Fest ‘11, Unreal Exit, performance, Brooklyn, NY (US)
2011   5th Global Day of Slow Living, The Slowly Project. Take your Time, performance, NY (US)
2010   Artefiera, Artist for sale, performance, Bologna (I)
2010   Artissima, Untitled2010, performance,Turin (I)
2010   Spazio Thetis, performance, Venezia (I)
2009   Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City, The Finger and the Moon #2, performance and live streaming
2009   Betta Frigieri Arte Contemporanea, solo show, Modena (I)
2009   Séquence, video show, Chicoutimi, Québec (CA)
2009   Galerie Pascal Vanhoecke, video show, Paris (F)
2007   PAC Padiglione d’arte contemporanea, performance, Milan (I)
2007   52 Venice Biennal, The Finger and the Moon #1, performance, Venice (I)
2007   City center The Slowly Project – Take your time, performance, Modena (I)
2006   WeissPollack Galleries, solo show, New York (US)
2006   The Armory Show, I love to see the Armory, performance, New York (US)
2005   Spazio Ilop, solo show, Milan (I)

2005   City center The Slowly Project– Take your time, performance, NYC (US)
2005   Galerie Parisud, Les Amantes, performance, Paris (F)
2005   51 Venice Biennal, Side by side, performance, Venice (I)
2004   Art Basel, Art is long, Time is short, performance, Basel (CH)
2004   Villa Manin, Every-Body, performance, Codroipo (I),
2004   Milan Flash Art Fair, videoinstallation and performance, Hotel Una Tocq, Milan (I)
2004   Artefiera, Virus, performance, Bologna (I)
2003   Placentia Arte, solo show, Piacenza (I)
2003   Galleria Alidoro, solo show, Pesaro (I)
2003   50 Venice Biennial, Il cieco di Gerico, performance,Venice (I)
2002   Fine Arts Academy, AlphaOmega, performance, Bologna (I)
2002   Expo c/o Villa Serena,performance and video, Bologna (I)
2001   Salara, Polypolis, solo show videoinstallation, Bologna (I)
2001   Palazzo Marini, solo show, Rosignano Marittimo (I)
2000   City center of Brussels (B), Avignon (F), Prague (CK), Bologna (I),

2000   Polypolis, performances in the European Cultural Capitals 2000 and streaming internet
2000   Artissima Art Fair, S-catenarsi, performance, Torino (I)
2000   Fiorile Arte, solo show, Bologna (I)
2000   Zoom c/o Villa Serena, solo show, Bologna (I)
1999   Galleria Avida Dollars, solo show, Milan (I)
1999   C.R.T. PoetAzione, Una mummia per la città, performance, Milano
1998   First Performance International Festival, performance, Viadana (I)
1997   Il campo delle fragole, Bologna (I)
1996   Teatro Dehon, Blossom, solo show and performance, Bologna (I)
1996   Teatro Out/Off, Blossom, solo show and performance, Milan (I)
1995   Centro città, Installazione pubblica, Asti (I)
1995   Perfomedia, Ponte Nossa (BG) (I)
1994   Portico di S.Luca, performance, Bologna
1993   Centro d’Arte Masaorita, La Margherita dai petali colorati, performance, Bologna
1993   Villa delle Rose, Installazione nel Parco Pubblico, Bologna (I)



2020 Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Rijeka (Croazia)

2018 Millenium Gallery, Zoo 21- 23 anni dopo, Bologna. Testi in Catalogo di Fabiola Naldi e V. Dehò

2017  Italian Cultural Institute, Italia Moderna Reload 017, Edimburgh (UK)

2016  Keep the process warm, curated by Marc Giloux,  Montauban (F)

2016 Pala Riviera, Il tutto è più della somma delle sue parti,  curated by Galleria Marconi and Maria Letizia Paiato,  San Benedetto del Tronto, AP (I)

2016 Careof, Io vedo, io guardo, curated by Annalisa Cattani, Milan (I)

2015  Rocca Malatestiana, Centrale Fotografia, In Italia, curated by Luca Panaro, Fano (I)

2013   Double Room, Trieste (I)
2012   Crane Art Center, International Short Film Festival, Philadelphia, PA (US)
2012   Galleria Parmeggiani Dalla parte delle Donne, Reggio Emilia (I)
2012   Italian Pavillion, Venice Biennial, Sala Nervi, Turin (I) 
2011   Art Verona and Civic Public Library, The Mystical self, curated by Cecilia Freschini,  Verona (I);
2011   (.Box) Videart Project Space, Milan (I)
2011   (.Box) Videart Project Space, Flashforward 3  Milan (I)

2011   WonderArt, MLAC, Rome (I)
2011   Bremer Kunstfrühling, Video lounge, curated by Kunstlerinnenverband, Bremen (D)
2011   Gallery Project, Ann Arbor, MI (US)
2011   3rd Ward, Brooklyn, NY (US)
2011   King’s County, Brooklyn (US)
2010   S. Agostino Museum, Genova (I)
2010   I-Suite Hotel, live video presentation, Rimini (I)
2010   Fine Arts Academy, workshop and live video presentation, L’Aquila (I)
2010   Ex Aurum, Pescara (I)
2009   Straff Hotel, event for Enjoy Miart and Fuori Salone del Mobile, Milan (I)
2008   Placentia Arte, Piacenza (I)
2007   BAC ’07, CCCB, Centre de Cultura Contempooranea, Barcelona (E)
2007   Primo Piano LivinGallery “Story Tellers” II International Videoart Show, Lecce (I)
2007   Concepto Varteum, Puebla, Mexico
2007   Galerie Pascal Vanhoecke, Parigi (F)
2007   Chelsea Art Museum, [PAM] Installation, New York (US)
2006   Isola Tiberina, Video Island, Rome (I)
2006   Fitzcarraldo, I video Virus di Liuba, Milan (I)
2006   Primo Piano LivinGallery,Fiori di Loto, Vizi e Virtù, Lecce (I)
2005   La Sapienza University, Arte per tutti, Roma, (I)
2005   Villa Serena, Synapser#4, Conflitto e conflitti a Villa (poco) Serena, Bologna (I)
2004   Civic War Museum, Troubled Times, exhibition and performance, Trieste (I)
2003   Ex Ospedale Soave, Controlled revolution, Codogno (I)
2002   ArtandGallery, Milan (I)
2002   Chiesa e Castello di Andora, “IX Contemporary Art Biennial”, Savona (I)
2002   Sala Benjamin, Exit 6, Bologna (I)
2001   Castello Visconteo, Arte giovane europea, Pavia (I)
2000   Villa Serena, Arte Video Tv2000, Bologna (I)
1996   Castello Pasquini, Castiglioncello (LI) (I)
1996   Art Tunnel, Porlezza (CO) (I),
1996   Percorsi ’96, Sant’Anna Arresi (CA) (I)
1995   Galleria Avida Dollars, Milan (I)
1994   Galleria Avida Dollars, Milan (I)
1993   Spazio arti visive F.lli Rosselli, Bologna (I)



2021 Berlin Black International Cinema festival, Alex TV, Berlin (D)

2019 Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Arts, LIUBA: Lentezza and the Chronotopes of Performance, lecture by Mark Bartlett, North Adams, USA

2019 University of Bologna, Videoart year Book 2019,curated by Renato Barilli, Bologna(I)

2019 Macro, videoscreening and artista talk, Rome (I)

2019 Berlin Black International Cinema festival, Shonebreg Rathaus, Berlin (D)

2018 ArtParis, presented by Galerie Pascal Vanhoecke, Paris (F)

2018 Galleria  Marconi, Tiresia Marittima, videoscreening and talk, Cupra marittima (AP)

2018 Università di Bologna, corso di Psicologia dell’Arte, videoscreening and talk, Bologna (I)

2018 Museo della Città, LIUBA performance objects, videoscreenings and talk, Rimini (I)

2018 Fruitexhibition, Art Books Fair, Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna (I)

2017 Image Movement, Berlin (D)

2017 Liupirogi E Pagiopa, Rimini (I)

2017 Villa Cernigliaro, Cordevolo, Biella (I)

2016 European Short Film Festival, Babylon Kino, Berlin (D)

2016 Around Film International Festival (ARFF Globe Award Winner), Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris

2016 Equality Festival, Kiev, Ukraine

2016 Great Lakes International Shorts Festival, (Best experimental Film),USA

2016 European Short Film Festival, Babylon Kino, Berlin (D)

2016 CANADIAN DIVERSITY FILM FESTIVAL (Best Experimental Film),Toronto (CA)

2016 International Indipendent Film Festival (Golden Prize category Concept ), California (USA)

2016 Performing Art 3Days, curated by Giacomo Verde, Fornace Pascucci, Capraia Fiorentina (FI)

2016 Berlin Black International Cinema festival, Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte, Berlin (D)

2016 Arte Fiera, presented by MLB Home Gallery, Bologna (I)

2016   ImageMovement, videoscreening, Berlin (D)

2015   Centrale Fotografia, In Italia, curated by Luca Panaro, Fano (I)
2014   Funf Seen Film Festival, Seefeld, Starnberg, Herrsching (Munich)
2013   The Museum of Ethnography of Serbia, Belgrad,
2013   Flash Art Event, presented by Visualcontainer, Milan (I)
2012   Fotofever,Brussels, presented by Visualcontainer, Brussels (B)
2011   Art Verona, curated by Cecilia Freschini, Verona (I)
2011   3rd Ward, live video presentation, Brooklyn, NY (US)
2011   Ex Convento dei Minimi, curated by Stefano Taccone, Roccella Jonica, RC (I)
2011   Circolo Arci Bellezza, curated by Stefano Taccone, Milan (I)
2010   Art Paris & Guests, Grand Palais, Paris (F)
2010   I-Suite Hotel, live video presentation, Rimini (I)
2010   Fine Arts Academy, workshop and live video presentation, L’Aquila (I)
2009   Artissima, video premiere of ‘The Finger and the Moon #2’, Torino (I)
2009   Videoformes, video festival, Clermond Ferrand (F)
2007   Artefiera, Galleria Sei, Bologna (I)
2007   Videoformes, video festival, Clermond Ferrand (F)
2007   Art Brussel, Galleria Prometeo, Brussel (B)
2007   Festival di CuprArte Cupramontana, (I)
2007   Cinema – Scope New York, PAM Perpetual Art Machine, New York (US)
2006   Scope New York, PAM Perpetual Art Machine, New York (US)
2006   Scope Hamptons, Cinema Scope Perpetual Machine, Hamptons, (NY)
2005   Scope Miami, WeissPollack Galleries and Galerie Parisud, Miami (US)
2005   Scope Hamptons, WeissPollack Gallery, South Hampton, (US)
2005   Sofa Fair, WeissPollack Gallery, New York (US)
2005   Scope London, featured artist for WeissPollack Galleries, London (UK)
2005   Videoformes, videoart festival, Clermont Ferrand, (F)
2005   Flash Art Fair, Milan (I)
2005   Flash Art Show, Bologna (I)
2004   Videoformes, videoart festival, Clermond Ferrand (F)



2023: THIS IS THE BEST ARTWORK, Campanotto editore, 2023. BUY

2017: LIUBA PERFORMANCE OBJECTS, artist book, 200 copies edition, casa editrice Quinlan. BUY

2016: REFUGEES VIDEOS: edition of 1 poster and USB Key with 2 LIUBA’s videoartworks, edition Image Movement (Berlin)

2000, LIUBA, Art Catalogue

1996-1997: Articles of approach to art for teenagers for the publishing house “Eli”, magazine Tuttinsieme

1994: La margherita dai petali colorati, texts and illustrations by LIUBA, Greco & Greco editore, (Milan)

1994-1990: Articles on art for the cultural magazine “Harta” (Milan)

1993: Le avventure di Zucchero, texts and illustrations by LIUBA, Greco & Greco editore (Milan)

1992: Zucchero e le fragole, texts and illustrations by LIUBA, Greco & Greco editore (Milan)

1991: Analisi della fiaba, in “Semio-News”,  semiotic research information magazine, June/July 1991

1990: Il percorso della narrazione,in  “Linea Grafica” Sept. 1990.


2021 VisualcontainerTV, Focus on Performance: LIUBA. LINK

2020  My name is Francesca meets LIUBA, Social TV VIDEO

2020  LIUBA in dialogo con Maurizio Marco Tozzi, Instagram Live VIDEO

2018  Art Juice, interview by Ambra Giombini TEXT

2016 RAI TV, videointerview at national TV RAI3 news and RAI2 VIDEO

2015  Videointerview to LIUBA by Luca Panaro, Centrale Fotografia VIDEO

2013  THE COLLEGIUM Forum & Television Program (Berlin), TV interview and videoscreening VIDEO

2013 video interview by Egle Prati VIDEO

2011 IkonoTV (Berlin) TEXT

2010 Liuba, interview by L. Barillaro for

2008, interview with the artist Liuba
2006 Artè TV, performance at Galerie Parisud, Paris
2005 RAI3, Passepartout
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2001 ART TV, Matchmusic Satellite TV
2000 TeleNovara, Talk Show




THIS IS THE BEST ARTWORK, 2019-2022, Italy, colors, 3’45” ed. 3+2ap

Quarantine Trilogy, 2020, Italy, colours, 13’40” ed. 3 + 2ap

Untitled, 2010-2020, Italy, colours, 7’30” ed. 3+2 ap, Video HD, PAL

The Finger and the Moon #6, 2018, Italy-France, colours 14’52” ed 3+ 2ap, Video HD, PAL

Tiresia Marittima  2018, Italy, colours, 10’10” edition 7+2ap, Video HD, PAL

YOU’RE OUT  2014—2016, Germany, colours, 12’54” unlimited editon/collectors special edition 3+2ap, Video HD, PAL

 Refugees welcome  2013—2016, Germany, colours, 17’05” unlimited editon/collectors special edition 3+2ap, Video HD, PAL

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The Slowly Project: Take your time – New York, 2005 – 2011, Usa, colours, 19’36”  ed 5 + 2ap

Side by Side, part one, 2005 – 10, Italy,colours 7’18” three channel videoinstallation ed 3+ 2ap

The Finger and the Moon #2, 2009-10, Italy,colours 12’38” two channel video ed 3+ 2ap, HD, PAL

The Slowly Project: Art is long, Time is short,  2004-2009, Switzerland-Italy, colours, 14’45”

The Slowly Project: Take your time – Modena, 2007 – 2008, Italy, colours, 11’01”  ed 5 + 2ap,  

The Finger and the Moon #1, 2007-2008, Italy, colours 11’43” two channel video, ed3+ 2ap, HD, PAL

 Les Amantes, 2006, Italy-France, colours, 6’33”  ed 7 + 2ap, Master: minidv, PAL

Paris backstage, 2006, Italy-France, colours, 37’50”)  videoinstallation with Les Amantes

I love to see the Armory, 2006, Usa, colours, 12’21”  ed 3 + 2ap, Master: minidv, NTSC

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Passaggio, 2001-2005, Italy, colours, 5’23”  video-performance, Master: minidv, PAL

Virus, 2004, Italy, colours, 11’54”  ed 3 + 2ap, Master: minidv, PAL

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AlphaOmega – Guard, 2002-2004, colours, 3’13” loop, video for the videoinstallation and performance,

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Le mummie vincenti (The winning Mummies), 1999, Italy, colours, 8’55”  ed. 1+ 1ap, Master:S-VHS




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2009, Liuba – The Finger and the Moon Project, May 2009
2009 Liuba, The Finger and the Moon, May 2009
2009 Liuba, The Finger and the Moon, May 2009
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2009   Il Liuba – The Finger and the Moon Project, May 6, 2009
2009   Le Bulletin Régional Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean En directe de Rome, May 7, 2009
2009   Lobodilattice, Liuba, The Finger and the Moon, May 2009
2009   La Repubblica. Tutto Milano Elogio alla lentezza, April 23-29, 2009
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2009   Corriere della sera Wunderkammern studio e Liuba, April 22, 2009
2009   Mymi Design Issue Wunderkammern studio e Liuba, April, 2009
2009   Vanity Fair Wunderkammern studio e Liuba, April 22, 2009
2009   Modem Design Wunderkammern studio e Liuba, April, 2009

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2004   Maria Campitelli, “Troubled Times”, supplement to Juliet n. 119, Graphart Trieste, 2004
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