The importance of Beauty by LIUBA

Workshop about visual grammar, image decoding, Contemporary Art.


What is Art? How to read an image? Which ‘laws’ have colors, lines, perspective, materials? What are space and light? What is the visual language grammar? What are the most important artistic movements of our contemporary times and how to read them?


With an approach based on deepening curiosity and fun, we will use of tools such as art history, visual grammar, semiotics of images, psychology of perception. We will try to answer questions, have fun and open our horizons to get closer to Art and to be able to decode contemporary art.


The workshop is structured in 4 meetings, two of them dedicated to learn how to ‘read’ visual images and to semiotics/psicology of art; the last two are committed to Contemporary Art, trying to define a line of development of Art, artists and movements from Avant-guarde till our days.

All the meetings are supported by projections of images and videos.



Pictures from the performnce workshops in Liupirogi e Pagiopa (Rimini) and Geart (Tolè, Bologna)

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