Tiresia Marittima, 2018, Italy, colours, 10’10”  ed 7 + 2ap

The video Tiresia Marittima comes from the participative performance realized by LIUBA in 2017 for her solo show at Galleria Marconi in Italy. The title explicitly refers to the famous blind Tiresias – the one who doesn’t see, but knows – and to the place where the participative performance took place, Cupra Marittima.

The public was invited to leave the gallery space and walk through the streets with their eyes covered by a pair of white stuccoed glasses – hand-painted by LIUBA from old glasses she collected through an open call.

The video is composed by more than 1000 photos taken during the performance and by fragments of the hand-written comments left by the participants themselves after the performance.




LIUBA’s videos come from a long creative process that involves project idea and concept, performance production, interactions of people, places identities, collaboration with specific selected cameramen, editing and direction, which are made by the artist herself. The resulting videos mix together all those elements and it a complementary work of the performance itself.

“I consider my videos like paintings, books and sculptures. I carve them, beginning with hours and hours of shootings as they were a huge marble stock, cutting and selecting piece after piece in order to obtain the final shape.

I paint every single second of the video, deciding colors and combining sequences, in order to arrive to the final pattern. I write chapters and scenes as a story, giving a sense to each step following the other. I mix the music with the intent to give voice to the whole levels of lecture implicit in the work. I often collaborate with musicians asking tracks to work with.

I use only original shootings taken during my performances. No studio shootings or actor interactions are used to edit my videos. What is shown is part of what ‘really’ happened and it’s chance one of the main hero of the work.”

LIUBA’s videoartworks are visible on the web only in excerpts.

Please contact us if you want to see or show the full original videos.