Performance: Rimini Beach, Adriatic Coast, Italy, 2003
Video: 2003, Italy, colours, 3’56”  ed 3 + 2ap
series of photographs on aluminum, 2003-2005, ed. 6 +1
videostill STRIP, 2003 ed. 7 + 1



The action takes place at a crowded beach of Rimini on the Adriatic Sea on August 13th, 2003. The performance shows, in a funny and ironical way, the paradoxe of crowded holidays in our modern life. If daily life can be compressed… do we compress our holidays too?  Are we really choosing mass homologation or do we simply follow the stream? Or don’t we even realize that?


Holidays can be the result of a conventional choice: do we notice that we are in boxes or do we choose to be? Being a part of this mass makes us feel safe or it entertains us or imprisons us and blocks us?


These and other questions are the essence of the performance that doesn’t aim to give easy answers, but it raises questions about everyday life.   The simple visibility of holiday constipation provokes interactions and reactions from the nearby turists, which  is an important part of the work.
  • Rimini Rimini, Al mare al sole, 2003 cibachrome from performance on aluminium, cm 130x190

  • Rimini Rimini, Coi giovanotti, 2003 cibachrome from performance on aluminium, cm 40 x 60

  • Rimini Rimini, Granita e tronchi, 2003 cibachrome from performance on aluminium, cm 60 x 60



Series of analogic photographs of the beach in winter.


At the opposite of summers, in winter the beach is abandoned and empty and what it was useful for amusement and tourism now is only an unuseful object, but sometimes full of beauty and poetry.

The artist focuses on this hidden side of the adriatic coast, which is in contrast with the crowded and packed time of the summer, so well represented in the Rimini Rimini series.

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