Each ‘Strip’ is composed of six video stills taken from one of LIUBA’s performances and videos. The Strips series is a work in progress and it grows according to the creation of new performances and works.


All the Strips form an installation continuously variable, always changing and growing.

The installation is completed with a series of monitors with the videos of the works.


NOTES: There are two dates of each Streap: the first one makes reference to the year of the performance (first date), and the second to the year that Streap was created (second date).

The Streaps are available in two dimensions:  normal size, cm 84 x 28.5 x 5.5 edition of 7, and big size, cm 210 x 70 x 6 edition of 3.



striscia 12 dito e luna#1

STRIP  # 12 – The Finger and the Moon #1, A, 2007- 2009



striscia 7 virus tableaux vivant

STRIP  # 7 – Virus Tableux Vivant,  2004-2005



striscia 5 I love to see the armory

STRIP  # 5  – I love to see the Armory,  2006



striscia 19 - senza parole

STRIP  #19  – Senza parole (With No Words),  2011

“I would like this ‘Streaps’ collection to become like a game, similar to the one we all did in our childhood, collecting little images or stamps, where we were anxiously looking to collect the whole series and making exchanges.

I would like for everyone to invent and compose his/her own collection, in the way he/she likes, and  look for the ‘missing pieces’ of the series.”


They are called Streaps because they also recall the matches game in which all the matches are placed in a pyramid shape and must be removed without being left with the last match. A game that I loved as a child, and that you can play with as many matches as you want. “

Views of the installation of some Streaps in the artist's studio

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