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Solo show and urban participative performance at Galleria Marconi

Galleria Marconi of Cupra Marittima presents Guardando Oltre (Looking beyond) by LIUBA on Sunday April 9 at 6pm.

The exhibition, which has the critical contribution of Valentina Falcioni, is organized by Galleria Marconi and Marche Centro d’Arte.


LIUBA will present at Galleria Marconi the solo show Guardando Oltre and a new urban participatory collective performance intitled Tiresias Maritime , to which the public is invited to attend. Those attending the performances will receive a certificate of participation signed by the artist.


The exhibition is based on the reflection about blindness, both in physical and mental ways. It is also concerning the issue of refugees and the problem of  ‘not seeing’ the others in their own humanity. In this regard LIUBA says: “I chose to work on the idea of ​​blindness, both physical and mental, as a metaphor of the blindness and superficiality that permeates our contemporary world, where among social media, fast and fleeting contacts, we don’t have time to ‘see’ in depth, becoming, in a way, blind. Blind to the meaning of life, blind to the little things, blind to the needs of others. I connect this theme, for obvious reasons, to the issue of refugees, people who leave their land for very serious problems, which are often ‘seen’ in a stereotypical or even instrumentalized way, often for political purposes, with the result that many people ‘do not see’ the human history and the common roots that we have with these people. “