‘Refugees Welcome’ by LIUBA published in the online magazine FAIR PLANET.ORG

I would like to thank Ama Lorenz, journalist and co-author of the dossier about refugees recently published on Fair Planet.org READ, DEBATE: ENGAGE, for having mentioned and published my work in it, chapter 05.03

” LIUBA, the Italian multi media and site-specific projects artist dedicated one of her recent works to refugees – to their stories and to their rights. She dedicated this work to all the people who must leave their home country and have to rebuild their lives elsewhere.” read more >>

In this dossier, Fair Planet investigates the notions of escape from society as something inexorable as well as normal human behaviour. They look at escape from different angles: escape from war, from economic and political crises, from climate change and from culture itself.
It’s a dossier that examines in depth if escape challenges our notions of nationhood, rights and even humanity, by challenging our political will and the power of definitions.

still refugees-141202_154711-2

Refugees Welcome, HD video, 2013-2015



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