presentation of the book LIUBA PERFORMANCE OBJECTS @ Bookcity Milan Nov.18, 2017

We’re happy to announce that LIUBA PERFORMANCE OBJECTS, the latest book by LIUBA, has been just published by Quinlan in an edition of 200 copies numbered and signed.

The book will be presented as a preview in Milan for BOOKCITY MILANO  at BASE on November 18 at 5 pm  at  TheArtChapter  fair/exhibition dedicated to artist books in the frame of the big event.

LIUBA and the curator Luca Panaro will present the book.



The volume – here all the details – gathers about twenty portraits of objects used by the artist LIUBA in her performances. Far from being trivial pieces of everyday life, the photographs show us these objects in their concreteness, through their formal and chromatic details. While looking at them, their use and function shift in the background, compared to the memories that they evoke and contain. They are curious, sometimes unusual, objects that are linked to each other in an apparently arbitrary manner, displayed in a succession that tickles the curiosity of the reader until the last pages of the book, where their placement within the individual performances of LIUBA is revealed.

An introduction by LIUBA and a critical text by the curator Luca Panaro – both in Italian and in English – are part of the book.



If you are interested in buying LIUBA.Performance Objects, you can go directly on the publisher’s website, by clicking here.
If you would like to purchase a copy dedicated to you and signed by LIUBA (35$), please order the book by sending an e-mail to  with a small presentation and your personal details including your mailing address where you want to receive the book.

We hope to see you all in Milan!

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