Performance: Italian Pavillion Opening at 54 Venice Biennial, June 2011

video: 2011, Italy, colours, 7’30”  ed 3+ 2ap

videostill STREAP, 2011 ed. 7 + 1ap



White pants, a blue blouse, a blue jacket, a red necklace, a red bag, red nails and red lipstick… LIUBA arrived at the entrance of the Italian Pavillion at the Venice Biennial on Friday June 2, for the Opening Reception.


 The Italian Pavillion 2011 was very controversial.  The curator, active more in the Politics than in the Contemporary Art, asked 100 Italian ‘known’ people to invite their one best loved artist to the Venice Biennial Italian Pavillion. The result was a show with no curatorial logic and full of all kinds of works and styles. Many people of the Italian Art-World criticized this Pavillion.


LIUBA expressed her opinion with a brand new work… by distributing flyers at the entrance of the show, which gave an explanation of the exhibition.

Except that the flyers were white, blank.



With No Words.


What is interesting in the video, as is usual in LIUBA’s works, are the people’s reactions: many react automatically when receiving a flyer, many do not want it, many others take it without reading it, some people seemed to think LIUBA was a Biennial Hostess and asked her practical information, while many others perceived and enjoyed the performance.

  • Senza Parole (With No Words), Tryptic, variable size, ed. 3 + 2pda

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