The Finger and the moon #5 by LIUBA at the Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Auction in Milan

Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Auction for CIPMO
 October 22 – Milan
UniCredit Pavilion,  Piazza Gae Aulenti 10 at 6pm

68 prestigious italian and international artists will partecipate to the upcoming CIPMO – Sotheby’s art auction, curated by Arturo Schwarz, the famous intellectual and art historian whom introduced the Surrealism in Italy.

“Diplomacies alone are not enough for making peace, which must be built from below. The project aims to create occasions for meetings, involving Israelis, Palestinian and Arabic civil society people.
Women, teachers, journalists, young leaders, policy makers, mayors and experts are participating in it.
The project is an occasion to create networking and knowledge between Italian and Mediterranean schools, allowing teachers and students of High Schools in Milan to get in contact and work together with classes of Institutes from Egypt, Israel, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, Turkey”.
POLYPTIC 2 senza bordi

LIUBA  The Finger and the Moon # 5 – Polyptic 2, 2013

Exhibition of the artworks:
Monday  October 19, 5pm – 7pm
from Tuesday to Thursday 20th-22nd of October  9am – 7pm.
The Auction is on Thursday, October 22, at 6 pm
at the new UniCredit Pavilion, Piazza Gae Aulenti, 10, Milan

auction curated by Arturo Schwarz

Introduction by Enrico Mentana, director of La7 news.

Auctioneer: Filippo Lotti,  managing director of Sotheby’s Italy
The whole auction profits will be donated to the project “Mediterranean Peace Channels – The Mirror of the Other” promoted by CIPMO – Italian Center for Middle East Peace.
Online photogallery of the Artworks

Link for participating to the Auction (online registration)

Download the Catalogue(PDF)
CIPMO: email phone: +39 02 866 147 – +39 02 866 109

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