Performance: Venice Biennale 2019, opening

Sculpture-dress created in collaboration with Valentina Donadel

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Video on work
It is with great emotion and great joy that in occasion of the Venice Biennale 2019 I was ready to tell the world that there were going to be two of us!
To communicate this great joy and extraordinary gift to the world, I could do nothing but giving myself in the first person, as I usually do, and build a performance art piece, which was performed by surprise at the opening of Venice Biennale 2019. And even if doing surprise works during the Biennial Openings is my artistic custom since 2003, this time it’s really… THE BEST ARTWORK! 
During the performance piece I wore a sculpture-dress that I specifically designed for the occasion, made in collaboration with Valentina Donadel.  The sculpture-dress covered my body in full, leaving only my belly out, with inside my beloved son.

On the hem of the dress, the text THIS IS THE BEST ARTWORK is hand painted with fabric colours, using the brush technique and the acetate masks.   

While I was performing, the police tried to shut down my action, but the organizing committee – contacted by phone – allowed me to continue. The police men could do nothing but look, while I stood there.

While the performance video is still being designed, I am glad to share with you some pics of the performance, shot by Ciriaca +Erre, and some picture of the project series, in collaboration with Desireé Sacchiero.

LIUBA and SOLE, "This is the best artwork", 2019, Venice Biennale Opening, performance, hand painted sculpture, 2019 photos: Ciriaca + Erre

Non so descrivere come sto. E’ come un miracolo grande. E’ come essere increduli e grati al tempo stesso. E’ un amore profondo e un piacere immenso che si espandono da dentro a fuori irradiando tutto. E’ un percorso di gioia e fiducia cercato con fervore slancio convinzione ed energia concentrata, in realizzazione stupefacente, e con l’aiuto di tantissime speciali e meravigliose persone… sto in attesa di SOLE…!!!