YOU'RE WELCOME! LIUBA solo show @ Pino Pascali Museum

YOU ARE WELCOME   June 7/July 21 – is a solo show that gathers the works that the artist LIUBA have been dedicating, from 2013 to the present days, to the refugee crisis.
The exhibition – hosted by Pino Pascali Museum Foundation (Polignano, Puglia, Italy) and curated by Giusy Petruzzelli – will display together for the first time videos, photo installations and participatory performances addressing one of the most serious humanitarian crises of our time.

During the opening reception, LIUBA will presents also two site-specific participatory performances (YOU’RE OUT! and Welcome Here)realized in partnership with local institutions working with refugees, that have been working with LIUBA in the past months.
LIUBA, YOU’RE WELCOME  is supported by: Galleria Marconi, Monsanpolo del Tronto (AP), in collaboration with CRAC – Chiara Ronchini Arte Contemporanea.