I video di LIUBA presentati a IMAGE MOVEMENT a Berlino, 19.1.2016

MOVES #108 ‘Video works from performances‘ è il titolo della serata dedicata a LIUBA , in cui verrà presentata una retrospettiva dei suoi video e l’anteprima del nuovo video realizzato a berlino sul tema dei rifugiati.
Image Movement is delighted to host an evening with LIUBA. MOVES#108    LIUBA  »video–works from performance« Screening 19. Januar 2016, 8:30 PM   MOVES#108_LIUBA_newsletter
»My art work is concerned with social, anthropological, geographical, philosophical issues, human behavior, interactivity and chance.« 

LIUBA is a performance artist living between Berlin, Milan, and Rimini.

She is collaborating with anthropologists and sociologists for her site-specific projects. In all of them she is the key actor, dropped into everyday public life, switching from choreography to change, and challenging the space and the  surrounding people to interact.

LIUBA will be present.