The Finger and the Moon #2, 2009-10, Italy,colours 12’38” two channel video ed 3+ 2ap


The Finger and the Moon #2 is the second chapter of a cycle of works by LIUBA dedicated to spirituality and its expressions. The eponymous performance took place in Piazza S. Pietro, Vatican City, where the artist, in a special “multifaith” dress, practiced gestures taken from different religious practices – and was later translated into a two-channel video work and a series of videostills. 


“The peculiarity of this work lies in the creation of a network of galleries scattered around the world, invited to host the live performance at the same time, transmitted via a telematic network. If it is true that the internet represents for man the realization of his innate desire of ubiquity, this work of LIUBA is its most evident manifestation “(Luca Panaro)