The volume gathers about twenty portraits of objects used by the artist LIUBA in her performances. Far from being trivial pieces of everyday life, the photographs show us these objects in their concreteness, through their formal and chromatic details.

While looking at them, their use and function shift in the background, compared to the memories that they evoke and contain. They are curious, sometimes unusual, objects that are linked to each other in an apparently arbitrary manner, displayed in a succession that tickles the curiosity of the reader until the last pages of the book, where their placement within the individual performances of LIUBA is revealed.

An introduction by LIUBA and a critical text by the curator Luca Panaro – both in Italian and in English – are part of the book.



“The twenty things LIUBA photographed are to be seen as an opportunity to draw again the attention of the public on a series of performances put in over the years. The artist’s research is thus crystallized in the most diverse forms, with the purpose of liberating once again the expressive values at the basis of the creative gesture. The outfits   and accessories used by the performer, even when taken out of their context, keep expressing their original association with the performance and are in fact a presence in absence, a trigger of past artistic experience.” Luca Panaro


“By choosing to show mainly the ‘objects’ used in her performances, Liuba’s book is not a ‘book’, but yet another performance in yet another medium. Why must a book be ‘only’ a book? Isn’t it also a performance?  Even the photographs of objects are able to draw someone, anyone, in through a detail, through something very familiar, often utilitarian, like a shoe or a handbag, a pair of sunglasses or an exploded cardboard box, and make the viewer perform them imaginatively. ” – Mark Bartlett


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