From Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th of August, the Association LIUPIROGI E PAGIOPA is proud to present the workshop CENTER, BODY, PERFORMANCE, CREATIVITY, a performance Art Workshop based on art, performance, multimedia and wellness,  on the pursuit of inner creativity and personal well-being, led by  LIUBA

Wishing to spend some time in Italy on the beautiful beaches and landscape of Rimini and Romagna? Are you visiting our country and looking for a cool idea? Are you an artist or a performance artist wishing to improve and test your skills? Join us! The workshop aims to stimulate people to a knowledge of themselves and of their creative potential through the use of body and performance art, interacting with others and the environment. We will work in groups and individually. Each participant will be personally assisted and helped to discover either what he wants to communicate and the best way to express it, researching the proper languages ​​to create his/her own performance art piece. All performances conceived and created during the course will be represented publicly on Sunday afternoon.

for info, reservations, prices and the full program IN ENGLISH please write toTHE WORKSHOP HAS LIMITED SEATS AND BOOKING IS NECESSARY.

WHATSAPP: (+39) 3470308800



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The Association Liupirogi and Pagiopa opens its summer season in Viserba (Rimini), on Friday, July 28 at 9 pm with Rifugiamoci con Arte, a screening of the recent works that the artist LIUBA has devoted to refugees, exploring ideas of acceptance, integration and respect .

Rifugiamoci con Arte presents, for the first time in Rimini, two videos that LIUBA made in Berlin, from 2013 to 2016, steaming from participative performances realized with a group of Berlin refugees:

1. R E F U G E E S W E L C O M E – Video projection (2013-2016, duration 17’05 “)

2. Y O U R E O U T – Video projection (2014-2016, duration 12’54 “)

The evening will end with LIUBA’s participatory performance With no time, to which the audience is kindly invited to take part.

During the evening, an unlimited edition of the two videos will be available, in a special design made by an usb sticke and a poster with information on LIUBA’S on-going project of LIUBA (€ 30). The proceeds of the sale will be donated directly to the refugees.

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Group show in Edimburgh

My videoinstallation and posters of the refugees videos unlimited edition are on show at the Italian Institute for Culture in Edimburgh in the group show ‘Italia Moderna Reload 017’ curated by In-Art ((Guglielmo Greco Piccolo and Damian Killeen OBE).  pressrelease.


Review on Exibart

I am grateful to Cristina Principale for the nice review she wrote on Exibart Magazine about my last solo show and participative performance opened at Galleria Marconi in Cupra Marittima on April 9, 2017 .


(text only in italian)


“Immaginate di camminare per le strade di una città con la vista inibita da un paio di occhiali completamente oscurati e di fermarvi poi in silenzio entro i confini stabiliti di un perimetro al di là del quale c’è un pericolo mortale… immaginate di rispettare il silenzio in attesa di una rivelazione… e aprendo gli occhi di ritrovarvi in una galleria d’arte, “accecati” da un bagliore intellettuale.

Siete a Cupra Marittima in provincia di Ascoli Piceno dove Galleria Marconi e Marche Centro d’Arte ospitano la rassegna “Di versi diversi?” e giunti al quarto appuntamento presentano la personale e un progetto performativo della videoartista e perfomer LIUBA. La mostra si intitola Guardando Oltre  e la performance collettiva partecipativa Tiresia Marittima, presentata nel giorno del vernissage ad aprile scorso. (…) 





Solo show and urban participative performance at Galleria Marconi

Galleria Marconi of Cupra Marittima presents Guardando Oltre (Looking beyond) by LIUBA on Sunday April 9 at 6pm.

The exhibition, which has the critical contribution of Valentina Falcioni, is organized by Galleria Marconi and Marche Centro d’Arte.


LIUBA will present at Galleria Marconi the solo show Guardando Oltre and a new urban participatory collective performance intitled Tiresias Maritime , to which the public is invited to attend. Those attending the performances will receive a certificate of participation signed by the artist.


The exhibition is based on the reflection about blindness, both in physical and mental ways. It is also concerning the issue of refugees and the problem of  ‘not seeing’ the others in their own humanity. In this regard LIUBA says: “I chose to work on the idea of ​​blindness, both physical and mental, as a metaphor of the blindness and superficiality that permeates our contemporary world, where among social media, fast and fleeting contacts, we don’t have time to ‘see’ in depth, becoming, in a way, blind. Blind to the meaning of life, blind to the little things, blind to the needs of others. I connect this theme, for obvious reasons, to the issue of refugees, people who leave their land for very serious problems, which are often ‘seen’ in a stereotypical or even instrumentalized way, often for political purposes, with the result that many people ‘do not see’ the human history and the common roots that we have with these people. “